Zoom Telephonics, Inc. acquired the Boca Research brand and trademark rights in August 2000. Zoom currently offers equivalent products for the majority of the Boca modem selections and has no current plans for new Boca branded modems. For a description of the equivalent Zoom products please click here.

Products manufactured by Boca Research prior to Zoom's acquisition of the brand name continue to be the responsibility of Inprimis, Inc., the former owner of the Boca Research brand.

Contact information for Warranty Service on those products may be
found by clicking here.

In addition, this website will continue to be available to "Boca" customers for product information and technical support.

Details on Zoom Telephonics modem and networking products are found on our Zoom website at www.zoom.com and on our Hayes brand site at www.hayesmicro.com.

We invite all former "Boca" resellers to consider our Zoom and Hayes brands and the special VARplus support programs that we offer. These programs are outlined at www.zoomtel.com/var/.