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Please read the User Guide below BEFORE flash upgrading your modem.

Click here to download Boca's V.90-to-V.90 Upgrade Wizard.

User Guide

The V.90 to V.90 Upgrade Wizard queries the modem and, depending upon the result, presents you with various load options and then flash-loads the modem's firmware. Its primary purpose is to update your modem with a more current version of V.90 code.

The Wizard also provides the ability to back up your modem's existing firmware to a disk file and the means to restore that firmware should the need arise.

Table of Contents

Overview & Installation Instructions

This update (FlashCom32) is intended for users of Windows-based computers who already own a Boca Research flash-loadable V.90 modem.

Supported Platforms

FlashCom32 has been tested with and works nominally on the following system configurations:

    • Pentium 75Mhz or better CPU with at least 16 Megabytes of memory (just the minimum required for the Operating System; FlashCom32's memory usage is trivial)
    • Operating systems:
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows 98 (including SE)
      • Windows 95 (including SR2)
      • Windows NT 4.0
    • Hard disk with at least 1.5 Megabyte of available storage
    • Your modem may be either:
      • An external modem, or
      • An internal modem

FlashCom32 Files

FlashCom32 consists of the following files:
File Description
FLASHCOM32.EXE This program detects modems and loads firmware to the modem's flash RAM.
FLASHCOM.INI Configuration file. Describes files and modem ID strings and sets various options.
*.S37 The flash-load modules that reprogram the modem's flash RAM firmware. This will normally consist of three files, the Flash Loader module, Firmware module and the flash unloader module.
FLASHCOM32.HLP This help file contains help information about the FlashCom32 program.

Note that FlashCom32 itself does NOT install itself into the Startup Folder or delete itself when finished.

User Interface

FlashCom32 is easy to use, even for the novice computer user. It acts as a "Wizard" in which each action is handled step-by-step and you need to make only one decision at a time. In most cases, the correct action is to simply click the [Next>>] button.

The "About" screen displays version number and additional information.

After downloading the appropriate V.90-to-V.90 Update Wizard follow the procedure below:

NOTE: If you are updating an external modem, make sure it is connected properly and powered on before performing the procedure below.

WARNING: Do not interrupt the Update Wizard once it has started!

  1. Click Start, then Run to self-extract one of the above files from the folder it was downloaded into.
  2. Follow all on-screen directions.
  3. Click Start again, then Run and specify C:\FLASHCOM32\FLASHCOM32.EXE. Click OK.
  4. At the Install Modems screen select the Boca Modem that says Updateable.
  5. Click Update Modem.
  6. In the Select Modem Files window select the modem Loader or Unloader to use and click OK. Read the Warning window and click OK to start the flash.
  7. You will be notified when the update has completed successfully. Click OK.
  8. In the Installed Modems screen the modem's state should indicate that the modem is Up-to-Date. Rebooting your computer is not necessary.

Updating your modems's firmware is complete.

Technical Support Issues

The program says "No Modem Detected"
This means that the COM port opened without error, but the attached device did not respond to AT commands. This could mean that the external modem is not turned on, or the cables are not attached snugly. Check this and click Detect again.